Top 3 Important Interview Questions To Ask

interview1The employer finally contacts you and arranges an interview with you at their company’s premise. You’re excited but please do remember that rather be in a hurry to grab the offer immediately, there are questions that you’ll need to ask the interviewer.

Only when you can be certain that the working environment is what you’ll want, then be ready to give the confirmation to your employer when you are offered the position.  Many times, employers hire the incorrect fit for the position because during the interview, employees aren’t sure of what they are really looking for in a working environment.

As such, in this article, we’ll talk about the top 3 important questions that you’ll need to ask during a job interview. Of course, please do bear in mind that these questions act as a guide and if you require further understanding, feel free to contact us .

Question 1. What’s the development and learning process of an employee in the company?
This question is crucial when you are the type who will want to excel and have personal growth as well as growth in the company. The way the employer responds will then provide you an idea on whether training and developing you is a priority in the company. From here, you can assess if working in the company is for you.

Question 2. How will you be evaluated in the company?
Is it a casual or more structured and formal assessment. Typically a more casual assessment can provide a rough gauge on how much the company is willing to focus on developing talents in their company. If you are the kind who seeks for continual career growth, then this perhaps will matter to you dearly.

Question 3. What are the new plans and company’s direction for growth?
This will provide you an understanding where the employer and company is heading. It will give you a rough understanding on the amount of workload that will be pouring in and whether you will be able to manage and soar in the company.

Finally when you are all convinced and the employer is interested with you on board, the job is yours and all the best!

Difference Between Career and a Job

Career Versus JobAs a noun, the word “career” indicates a profession done over a great period of time with development opportunities. The other noun called “job” is about irregular or regular work that is paid.

So how can you tell if you are working in a job or developing a career? The answer lies in the final destination of where you’ll head when working.

Perhaps you have worked in temporary or possibly permanent positions such as a waiter in a restaurant, a telemarketer in a call center or even a freelance writer for a publication and so on. If these positions don’t lead you to a future goal ahead, they are simply just “jobs” that you work in exchange for a sum of money for that period of time.

On the other hand, if working in these positions can help you develop a future vision of yourself, then those various jobs that you do will build you for a career.

A job doesn’t build you towards a future goal ahead. A career does.

To understand deeper whether you’re in the right career path or to develop a career, please contact us to arrange for a complimentary career consultation.